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My Free Zoo is an online-simulation that was introduced in February 2012. The game was developed and published by and has accrued numerous positive reviews since then. As the director of a Zoo, it is your responsibility to care for the animals and visitors of your Zoo.

Becoming the most successful Zoo in the country will require you to master the game’s wide array of challenges. First you'll need to construct enclosures, lay paths and populate your zoo with flowers, trees and a large array of exotic animals. You'll need to put all the necessary equipment in the enclosures to keep the animals inside happy and healthy. You can even breed cute new baby ones! The variety of your Zoo’s animals, the enclosures, infrastructure and pricing options must be finely tuned to provide a diverse experience for your guests.

Choose from penguins, flamingos, lions, gorillas and more. While this vast assortment of animals is at your disposal, you should be weary not to overdo it, adopting a multitude of animals comes with unique tasks and challenges. Make sure to provide a lovely home for your animals, their care must come first, if you wish them to remain healthy, happy and reward you with their affections. The more you expand your park, the more visitors will visit your Zoo. The game comes with a collectable card function, adding another fun feature to this amazing game.

Check by the My Free Zoo forum right here at Bananatic whenever possible to get all the latest buzz on this fun browser game.