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My Ninja Universe is an entirely free-to-play online browser game developed by RisenGame and published in June 2012. It is an action game in where you train in the art of the Shinobi and experience the story of Naruto Uzumaki.

At the start, you are prompted to select one of three character classes. Each class offers a unique set of abilities. You can choose between the illusionistically adept Genjutsu, the agile Taijutsu and the fire wielding Ninjutsu. This choice determines your players skill set and will be influential throughout the game. Having selected your preferred class you are now able to delve into the adventures of Naruto, whom you follow to experience a plethora of exhilarating exploits.

My Ninja Universe is tailored towards Heroes seeking quests and aiding in their completion. Nothing is easier than accepting this call towards adventure. Simply use your mouse to click on the blue dot right next to it and the fastest path with be allotted to you. You can choose to manually control your Hero or to watch as the computer completes it to the best of your characters ability. Even when manually controlling your champion, there will have no influence on the outcome of the mission, as it is entirely based on your character’s abilities and skill rating. This can be improved by buying powerful items, recruiting companions or working with up to seven other players. The animations during the fights are breathtaking.

Check by the My Ninja Universe forum right here at Bananatic whenever possible to get all the latest buzz on this fun browser game. You can look for like minded players looking to join a group or tell them of your adventures.