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Pocket Waifu is an adults-only game from renowned sex game publisher Nutaku and developer JNT games. It’s a free to play title that features microtransactions, and you can play it on Nutaku’s website or on the Steam platform.

The premise of the game is simple – the player sells their soul to a succubus for the power to seduce women. They literally turn up at your house, drawn by your new power. Once you have these beautiful girls in your apartment, the challenge is on to seduce them. If you manage to get them really turned on, you’ll unlocks a series of sexy scenes involving them.

There are many different girls in this game, and you can interact with them in different ways. Feed them, bathe them, play games with them, and seduce them. The approach is up to you, and you can entertain multiple girls at once. There are over 75 different animated scenes to unlock, so there’s plenty to keep you entertained.

On the Pocket Waifu forum, you can meet other fans of the game and the genre to connect with. Get chatting today.