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Welcome to the Livelock forum....

Developed by Canadian game developers Tuque Games and published by Perfect World Entertainment in August 2016, Livelock is a shooter MMO video game. The game requires purchase for players to commence the action and is available on Windows, Xbox and PS4 platforms.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world; where the players play together to break the vicious war between the machines. The remains of mankind have taken the form of artificial intelligence, and cybernetic warriors battle each other in a never ending war. Players get to choose cyber droids as characters, with three classes of AI available-Hex, Hellfire and Oathkeeper. Players then proceed to battle other players and elements within the game environment. All three avatars have unique weapons and skills and are armed with an array of colourful and different bullet technologies.

Players form teams of 3 and roam around the dynamic environment, taking down hostiles and enemies as they go. The game has a strong sci-fi undertone, where players wander the wastelands of Earth fighting to preserve the peace of the land. The game is interactive and appealing, with battles taking place in colourful scenes, intense weaponry and bright ammunition to give it a science fiction look.

The Livelock gaming forum allows players to form teams, find the best strategies for advancement through the game, discover the optimum trio for maximum rewards and find other teams to battle.