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Revelation Online is a free to play MMORPG that was developed and released by NetEase in China. It was published by in America and the beta version of the game closed in 2016. The game hit the audiences in June 2015 as Windows compatible software.

The game is set in a Chinese fantasy world based on the books of famous Chinese Writer Jiang Nan. The game has two modes, PvE and PvP and both modes have a series of unique challenges for the players. Players can choose characters from 6 classes, and each class conforms to both genders. Become a Gunslinger, Blade Master, Spiritshaper, Vanguard, Swordmage or Occultist, each of whom has specific skills and survival qualities which the player can decide on. Once the players have chosen their characters, they can take part in a series of challenges in either mode.

Revelation offers free flight through the games, except for battlefields and guild bases. Players are free to travel between cities on their choice of transport: be it mounts wings or teleportation. PVE offers players 79 levels, with gruelling battles with bosses, dungeon combats, multiplayer raids and a myriad of monsters and NPCs to fight and overcome. The PVE allows open world battles, with players battling other players over the world. Team battles are also allowed, as well as guild wars and players can compete together in castle sieges which combine elements of both modes.

The game forum allows players to form guilds, find team players and opponents, figure out levels and strategize their gameplay.