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Welcome to the Star Colony Forum... Feel free to use this area to share your tips, ideas, make suggestions about further updates and improvements, troubleshoot and more...

Players of this free, browser-based MMO StarColony are tasked with building up a colony from nothing after a great war has forced Earth’s people to re-locate to a far off planet called Terra Sperata. You’ll be challenged with confronting alien life, unrelenting terrain and other colonists that are obsessed with stealing resources. The game will require you to spend a careful amount of time building up your defences. StarColony challenges you with protecting the human’s new shelter of Terra Sperata. The game provides you with tons of targets to destroy, and you’ll need to use your finest strategic instincts, building wisely to ensure enemies end up cornered on your base and can be attacked easily. You can even instruct your army to take what they need from other colonies. You’ll begin the game with a modest parcel of land before getting the chance to expand your base by using the resources of various other planets.

You’ll also encounter two groups of alien invaders as you strive to progress through the game. These forces are called the Swarm and the Ancients and are striving to crush humanity forever. You’ll need to embark on various quests, recruit reliable units and can even colonise the Swarm’s home planet. Battle your foes and make strategic, valuable alliances or even wars with your neighbours where you must.

Not only with you need the support of imposing warbots, veteran marines and alien guns-for-hire to become victorious... but also the colonial commanders in this forum! Why not share something here yourself and help the struggle to settle amongst the stars?