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Ogame is a browser-based MMO based on money management and space war themes. Released in 2000, Ogame was developed and published by GameForge. The game has been updated throughout the years to add new universes and as of 2011, contains 52 universe settings. Ogame is now free to play, and anyone can sign up to play.

The game gives players authority of an empire within a specific universe. Each universe has three classes: galaxies, systems and planet slots, which are made available to the player as the game advances. Players are given one planet at a random location within a random galaxy and requires the players to build up their planets into a resourceful area in return for rewards and points. Research and testing is to be carried out on the moon or a planet, and development is done with the use of five resources: metal, crystal, deuterium, energy and dark matter. These resources can be mined, traded for or raided.

The players can deploy their spaceship fleets to another player’s planet to raid their resources. Spaceships are limited in the control; users can only dictate the coordinates; the battles fought are automated and predesignated. The outcome of the match depends on the fleet. Defences are built to protect planets, and destroyed ships cannot be reborn. Alliances can be created within the universes between players with a common enemy, to protect each other from attacks and to form trading unions.

Ogame has official forums that update the players on the news about the game, promote interaction, inform them of new versions of the game and help them form teams and alliances.