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Skyforge allows you to blossom from an immortal warrior into an almighty God, gaining scores of followers and protecting your world. You can count on your loyal followers to help you enhance your power and status on the road to becoming an Elder God, with the most skilled players joining the Order of Keepers to have huge influence on the world’s fate. The game features spectacular animated action and allows you to thwart your enemies with stunning finishing attacks. You can switch seamlessly between character classes and gain a rich understanding of the skills and powers offered by each class.

From the outset, you’ll sense the desperation of the mortals of the planet Aelion. You’ll be tasked with defending Aelion from invaders, tough immortals and all sorts of other hazards. You can choose between PvP, PvE, group, solo, open world play, large raid and short distance and can join up with friends or your entire guild with the aim of defending Aeilon. This ever-popular free-to-play MMORPG sees players enriched and strengthened with the faith, love and skill of their followers, and there are 13 classes to unlock, including the Paladin, Necromancer, the Monk and Alchemist. The game was in development for five years before being made available to selected players in 2015.

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