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Welcome to the Duty of Heroes Forum, an open area to share thoughts, tips, ideas for new gameplay possibilities - and recount tales of former glories....

Duty of Heroes is a turn-based MMORPG based on fantasy and magic. The game enables you to build a castle, thwart evil, join an arena and enter dungeons. The storyline of the game can be traced back to ancient times and the merciless Lich King. He opened up the gate of dark and instructed his undead armies to seize control of the terrestrial world. Humans and orcs worked together to defend the land and recruited heroes from all races to destroy the Lich King. That includes you!

There are three classes to choose from in Duty of Heroes: Fighter, Archer and Wizard. The once-peaceful creatures of the realm have begun to act strangely, attacking people for seemingly no reason at all. You must find out why they are acting like this and put a stop to their behaviour.

Players can compete in different systems and must make full use of their strategic skill. To win, ultimately you need to gain a rich understanding of your enemy’s tactics and attack class. The game has proved popular in Europe and America and was launched on Facebook before an iOS version was released. There are various exciting environments to explore, and the slightest error can turn a potential victory into a crushing defeat. You can level up to unlock powerful resources and provide your character with a real edge.

Are you ready to fall into the formidable forum for Duty of Heroes and help fellow fighters enhance and explore this shadow-ridden world?