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Welcome to the Elsworld Forum...

Elsworld is a 2.5 D Korean free to play MMORPG developed by the South Korean game development studios, KOG. The game was released in South Korea in 20017 and hit audiences in North America in 2011. Although the game is free to play, some items can be bought using real money.

The story of the game is set in a mystical land, Elrois, which is given life through a spiritual stone known as the EL stone. The player chooses a character that is part of the search party for the stone, and accompanies Elsworld and his team in bringing the thieves to justice. Each character also has a separate backstory and a job path. Players can choose to play in either player vs. player mode or player vs. environment mode. The story ties 8 different plots together along with the backstories of every character.

Players get to choose their characters from 12 classes, each with their specific set of qualities and skills. The character can then choose from 3 varying job paths each with different fighting modes and description. New sets of skills are unlocked automatically as the players advance. Players journey through the regions, meeting other players, exploring terrains, purchasing equipment and battling NPCs and monsters along the way. In PvP mode, players fight against each other in a special arena designed to handle varying numbers of players. This mode can be played one on one or as a team.

Game forums allow players the ability to form teams, find opponents and devise new battle plans and advancement routes.