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Welcome to Desert Operations forums

Desert operation is a combat MMO that was developed by Next idea studios. Released in 2008, the game has attained a wide number of followers and has been nominated for MMO of the year twice since its release. Free to play, the game has 200 million followers registered on its database currently.

Set in a fantasy combat world, the player has to take place as the ruler of a small base. Diplomacy is them applied to either wage war against other players or to team up and form allies. The player must do whatever they can to develop their country and protect it from enemy raids. Once the player is registered, they will be asked to choose a front from which they will wage their battle. Each player can choose multiple fronts between which they can switch. The objective of the game is to destroy as many enemies as possible and to establish the highest score possible to attain a place in the ranks. The game constantly changes modes and presents the players with unique challenges so that your strategies are challenged constantly.

The game is based on resources: money, oil, ammunition, gold and diamonds. Oil and kerosene are required to attack enemies and is the rarest resource available. Build up your country, develop mines and refineries and buildings to gain resources and build your supply so that you can attack your rivals.

The forums of this game allow players to find allies, identify enemies, and search up ways to build resources and point out bugs and suggest updates.