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Welcome to the Dark Orbit Forum...

Dark Orbit is a space fantasy MMO game developed by Big Games. The game was released to American audiences in December 2006. The game features PVP modes as well as non-player modes, featuring 3D Flash modes that allow players to register accounts.

The player chooses one of three companies at the start of the game: Venus Resources Limited, Earth Industries Companies, and Mars Mining Operations and play from the point of view of the company employee. Once the players choose a side, they are transported to Mission Control to begin their journey at the base. The object of the game is to earn money and power for both the company and one's avatar. The game uses two types of currencies: Uridium and Credits, with uridium being rare of the two. Equipment and repair can be bought using credits; however, the "elite" items need to be bought using Uridium.

The game employs a combat system that allows the player to use a variety of weapons to destroy their rivals. The players start the game with an old, vulnerable ship and as they progress, can buy better ships and ammunition with which to fight aliens and other players. Players can also join clans to gain support from clan members and to rally their strength. Darkorbit introduces special events occasionally to spice up the competition and give out rewards to the players.

The Forum of Dark Orbit is powered by vBulletin, and allows the players to discuss strategies, find clans, figure out gaming techniques and suggest improvements for the game.