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Eternal Magic is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game that’s free to play. The game itself is based on a 2017 Chinese game, but Russian publisher 101XP launched an English version into closed beta in 2019. Like many MMORPGs, it features both PVE and PVP elements.

In the world of Terrazia, players will find a sprawl of monsters to fight, quests to complete, NPCs to meet, and dungeons to explore. Of course, there are also other players to interact with, whether teaming up in a group or fighting on PVP battlefields. Along with the usual MMO elements, Eternal Magic also features MOBA-style battles, a Capture the Flag mode, and weddings.

You can choose from a variety of different classes when creating a character and each has five skill categories you can customise. This gives the game the sense that each character is unique to the player. Here on the Eternal Magic forum, you can share ideas for builds, compare creations, and find other games to test your skills with and against.