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Developed by ArenaNet and published by NCSOFT, Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG with a unique genre. The game is a sequel to the Guild Wars and is free to play. It was released in 2013 and became available as a free game in 2015.

The story continues from the plot of Guild Wars, set in the mystical land of Tyria. The Elder Dragons have woken, causing havoc and destruction and the human race is in decline. The players are charged with the duty of reuniting the members of the Destiny’s Edge who will defeat the undead Elder Dragon to restore peace to the land. Guild 2 allows the player to create a character from five races - Human, Charr, Asura, Norn and Sylvari. The characters can belong to 8 professions, divided into 3 classes-the adventurers, scholars and soldiers. The players can choose 10 skills from a pool of attributes, where the skill slots are predetermined. The layer has to keep in mind their strategy while choosing their respective skills.

Players advance in the game depending on their race and profession as well as their progress. The game offers the option of player vs. environment mode, where the players battle monsters and creatures within the game, as well as PvP mode where players take to the arena to battle each other. Players can also play in a World vs. World mode which allows teams of two to play against each other.

The game forum of Guild Wars 2 allows players to discuss skill selection, derive battle strategies, and choose and find opponents and partners for teams.