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Airman and women! Welcome to the War Thunder Forums...

Have you ever wondered what it was like to fight during WWII or the Korean War? If so, War Thunder could be the game for you. The MMO war game allows you to take charge of real historical fleets and vehicles and fight some of the most famous battles of both wars. You can take part in epic PvP battles against other players from across the world, and you even get the chance to personalise your squads and fleet. There are hundreds of historical airplanes with highly-realistic cockpits and you can fine-tune your flying and driving expertise with each mission you embark upon.

The game is renowned for its spectacular realistic graphics and gives you the chance to command self-propelled artillery, tanks, bombers and fighters. There are more than 600 vehicles and plans to choose from, and the game is suited to not only experienced gamers but beginners too. The game offers spectacular PvP battles and enables you to partake in historical campaigns and solo missions, pit your wits against friends and collaborate with them, fighting in a wide range of major air, land and sea battles in consistently developing environments.

More and more War Thunder fans are choosing to enhance the gaming experience further by joining our community. Become part of our forums and you’ll be able to swap tips and tricks, exchange stories, suggest ways that the game could be improved in future and much more, so why not get started right now?