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Elvenar is a browser-based 2D strategy multiplayer game, developed and published by InnoGames, maker of Grepolis. The city building game was released in April 2015 and is available to anyone who can access the internet.

The game is set in a fantasy land of Elvenar, which has lain desolated for centuries. The goal of the game is to build up a civilisation and grow armies to grow a new empire. Players can choose from one of two civilisations to build: human or elf. Once they have decided on the type, players begin building up cities. Care has to be taken to ensure the city layout is feasible. The roads should connect appropriately and the cities should have revenue generating buildings and plants. Players can collect wealth by increasing number of revenue generating buildings or by looting and fighting other civilisations.

Elvenar is unique from other city planning games in the fact that this game has a culture aspect. The game offers extra features normally not present in other games, such as trees and lamp-posts. These details increase the happiness factor of the townsfolk which increases resources. The combat style is also unique: instead of allowing automate fight sequences, Elsworld enables players to control their battle sequences. Players unlock more features as they progress in the game. The cleaner and more efficient your city designs are, the more satisfied your inhabitants and the more revenue are generated. So take care to cater to a well-planned city.

Elsworld gaming forums give players an opportunity to build teams, get ideas on how to improve their battle strategies and their city plans.