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Thanks for finding your way to the Wolf Team forum. This is a space where you can meet other players of the game and discuss the many interesting elements.

Wolf Team is a tactical FPS game from Aeria Games, launched in 2010. It’s a lobby-based shooter that takes inspiration from other games such as Combat Arms and CrossFire. However, unlike many other shooters, Wolf Team has a really interesting mechanic. Players can change into fearsome werewolves during battle.

The central mechanic of the game is the transformation. This gives players the ability to move much faster, have more health, and deal more damage. Unfortunately, you can’t use weapons when you’re a werewolf, so it’s a tactical swap. As you play through the game, you can transform yourself at will, making battles fast-paced and frantic. It’s a game that’s not quite like any other.

As well as the beast mechanic, there are also plenty of guns for you to enjoy. There are over 40 different types, meaning that no matter how you prefer to play, you can choose the right weapon for you. It’s also a game that features a variety of different maps, currently over 39 different ones. This means that each round will be slightly different from the last.

Wolf Team features several different game modes. As well as Deathmatch and Destruction, there are also Conquests and Wolf Hunts. There’s plenty of content in this game to keep you entertained.

As you navigate around the Wolf Team forum, you’ll be able to see and contribute to many different topics of conversation. If you’re looking for other players to game with, this is also an ideal spot. Overall, the community is friendly and welcoming to new players.