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Welcome to the Casino RPG Forum...

Casino RGP is a card-based MMORPG developed and published by Gold Fire Studios. The game became available online to audiences in 2013, and the beta testing stage was launched shortly afterwards. Available on the CasinoRPG website and the chrome play store, the game is playable on any modern browser and can be accessed by any device with a working internet.

Unlike other card games, Casino RPG is not just an average casino game. Players can play the tables or become owners of their very own casino strips. Should a player opt to open their casinos, they become Tycoons and get to design, customise and run their card joint. And unlike other such games, the casinos aren't isolated. Each joint is a part of a thriving, busy casino city where the players will compete for business strategies and gameplay. Since the game focuses on role play, it allows you to leave behind your ordinary life and enter the casino world as anyone you wish to - from a broke drug addict to a successful businessman. Players have to work their way up and earn enough XP and points to become tycoons eventually.

The game is free to play, with additional virtual items available for purchase with casino points which can be earned by either playing card games or by building up your casino. Premium membership is available on a monthly basis which offers additional benefits.

The forums of this game allow players to come up with better casino designs, business strategies to make their casinos successful and to suggest updates within the game.