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Welcome Knights, Dracolytes and Gunslingers to the Trove Forum, a realm of possibility in itself for picking up vital ideas for your next adventure.

Trion Worlds’ Trove is a massive multiverse adventure game that sees you make your way across a number of worlds, each filled with monsters, buildings and objectives. You remain in your world until it comes to an end, with items you have produced in one world possibly showing up in the next. Each world takes resources from previous worlds, and you’ll transport segments of each world in your own personal Cornerstone after it reaches its end.

Your Cornerstone allows your previous adventures to be shared with anyone in the new world. You’ll take on the forces of Shadow in various realms populated with items your fellow players have put together as well as tricky dungeons. There are many different elements to get to grips with in Trove, including lethal ninja skills and ice cream crushes. Enhancing your equipment will enable you to face the toughest of challenges.

Ride on the back of dragons and take down different bosses, minions and traps to be granted access to unbelievable weapons and armour. There are chances to unlock all sorts of goods including everything from flying carpets to boats, recipes and dragons. Build brand new Club Worlds with your friends and even create castles in the sky. You can also use the voxel editor to submit items and dungeons you have created yourself.

Visitors to the Trove gaming forum can exchange detailed info, general opinions about the game and help to enhance the future of the game. Share just one idea or moment today...