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Thanks for visiting the Oraco forum, welcome! Here you can read about and contribute to many different subjects about this MMORPG.

iGameMore originally released Oraco as a free-to-play Facebook game. However, since then it has grown to a browser-based game that can be accessed from almost anywhere. It’s a massively multiplayer online role-playing game with isometric 2.5D graphics.

The game’s premise is the classic battle between good and evil. You get the choice whether to play as a solo gamer or with your friends and teammates. Initially, you must create a character that you will play with. Once you’re further into the game, you also acquire your own personal elf that will help you out in battle.

The game has a distinct art style that’s based on classic anime. As you explore the variety of environments, you’ll meet all kinds of characters and fight many different enemies. Winning battles gives you the chance to level up, and gives you more access to weapons and armor you can use to improve your character.

The central quests will take you through and exciting story, and there are many additional activities you can do in the game. Levelling up is an important part of Oraco, as it means you can access better skills and be more efficient in battle.

The game has both PVE and PVP elements. If you want to test your battle skills against others, there are duels and a ranking system. The higher you climb, the better the rewards you’ll get.

On the Oraco forum you can connect with other fans of the game. If you’re looking for help and advice or want to find someone to duel with, you’ve certainly come to the right place.