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Welcome to the Fortnite forum. This is your place to swap ideas about the most popular Battle Royale game of the moment. Share stories, designs, and general chat about the game here.

Fortnite is a survival and Battle Royale game from Epic Games, launched in 2017. The worldwide phenomenon is free to play and uses microtransactions to support itself. Originally launched on PC, it now has versions on Android and iOS, as well as PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Mac OS. Each new season brings additional elements to the game, including maps, weapons, and assets.

Although the Battle Royale mode is the main focus of the game, there are in fact two other types of games you can play. Each uses the same assets and mechanics, but the premises differ. With BR, you’ll join 99 other players and drop into the map from the iconic battle bus. As time goes by, the safe zone on the map shrinks, forcing players into close combat. Scavenge, shoot, and survive, until you reach the final; showdown.

Additionally, there is a ‘Save the World’ mode. Here, the focus is more on PVE. Four players join up to fight off waves of zombies and attempt to save other survivors. You can level up your gear, build a stronghold, and outlast the encroaching threat.

There is also a Fortnite Creative mode which gives players the chance to create structures and areas on a sandbox map. The most innovative designs can secure a spot in the main game. Here at the Fortnite forum, you can join your fellow gamers to discuss all matters related to the game. Whether it’s ideas for gameplay modes and designs or to find a team of like-minded players, you can find it all right here.