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Might & Magic Heroes Online is a 2014 created by Blue Byte and Ubisoft. As you can probably tell from the title, it’s an instalment in the Heroes of Might and Magic franchise, a popular series that has its roots in the 1990s. This addition is free to play, although it does feature microtransactions.

This is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game, and as such it features many elements that fans of the genre will be familiar with. There are PVE and PVP sections, a variety of quests to complete and areas to explore, and richly detailed battle and progression mechanics.

Players enter the world of Ashan, where they must choose a hero, a faction, and a progression path. Whether you choose a powerful mage or a brave warrior, you’ll have a role to play in the detailed world that unfolds before you.

Whether you’re looking for advice on strategies, seeking new players to game with, or simply want to share stories of your experiences, the Magic & Might Heroes Online forum is the right place to get started. All are welcome here.