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Welcome to the Go Ninja forum! Here, you can find other fans of the game and learn more about various topics related to this exciting title. Fans of the popular Naruto franchise of manga and anime are sure to love Go Nina, an exciting browser-based action game that’s free to play. Although the game features an original story set in the same universe, the game stays true to its roots and features many popular locations and characgers. You’ll play the role of your very own ninja, and can equip the various equipment that will make you stronger, this includes a weapon, forehead protector, coat, breastplate, belt and shoes. Each piece of equipment will make you stronger by adding to your stats and bonuses. As you progress through the game, you’ll find even more powerful gear to help you increase your level. Go Ninja is free to play, although there is a paid VIP options that gives you a range of different in-game benefits. VIP status allows you to level up faster and find rare and unique items. If you want to be the ultimate ninja, it could be worthwhile. As you fight your way through this exciting world, you’ll come up against a wide variety of enemies. As you win battles, you’ll get experience points which help you level up. Once you reach certain levels, you unlock new powerful abilities to aid you in battle. Here on the Go Ninja forum, you can connect with other players in the game. It’s also a great place to swap stories and advice and discuss many different elements about the game. Start exploring the forum today and join or start a discussion thread. You never know who you’re going to meet.