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Black Desert online is a widely popular MMORPG developed by Korean game developer Pearl Abyss. Development was initiated in 2010, and the game reached Beta development (CBT) stage by October 2013. The game hit audiences in Korea in 2013, the made its way to Japan and Russia in 2015 and reached Europe and the USA in 2016.

Using a free to play model in Korea and a buy to play model in America, the game calls out to fans of combat and action based games. Most of the combat is action-based, with the manual maneuvering of weapons, reminiscent of third-player mode games. The health mode is limited which requires good dodging skills as well as the use of health potions. The game involves the use of sandbox aspect and hence employs immersion techniques. From a parkour system that allows real world movements, to a weather system that encompasses natural phenomenon, to mount and active combat systems, BlackDesert creates a dynamic, real-world scenario for the players to immerse themselves in.

Black Desert is set in a high-level fantasy world and focuses on the conflict amassing the rival nations of the Republic of Calpheon and the Kingdom of Valencia. Players can choose sides, and fight the rival side as well as the monsters and creatures that inhabit the shadows of the world of Black Desert.

The Black Desert Online Forum allows players to discuss customization of player avatars, the gameplay itself, actions that help clear levels and suggest updates and setting changes.