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This browser based online game was published in 2009 by Playa Games from Hamburg, Germany. It is a role playing game that is readily available via HTML5 and can be enjoyed on every modern browser. The game is easily accessible and has a colorful comic-styled design.

During character creation at the start of the game, you will get to choose between several unique classes like the scout, mage or warrior. You fight alongside your allies that are either human, elves, goblins or demons. In total, the game boasts eight races, some good, and some evil. Upon completion, nothing stands in the way of your first adventure. To progress through the game you will have 100 minutes a day to send your character on various missions, complete quests and objectives. These quests are available in Shakes & Fidget’s tavern, where you will find a plethora of things to do. When the 100 Minutes are up, your character will have to wait until the following day when it is reinvigorated and can again, be unleashed upon its many foes.

The fights of Shakes & Fidget take place in the Arena where players take up arms against each other, combat horrendous monsters and fight for honor, glory and more importantly; gold. Be wary of losing however, just as easily as you can make gold in the arena, you can lose it as well. Arena matches can only be fought every 10 minutes. The games innate currency: mushrooms, can be purchased to combat this time constraint if you wish to cram even more action into your day.

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