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Travian Kingdoms is a browser based online game published by Travian Games. Its beta phase opened in March of 2015 and was initially dubbed Travian 5. Since then this strategy game has been released free-to-play for everyone connected to the internet.

Starting off you will be able to choose one of three playable races; Germani, Gauls and Romans. They each have their own advantages and abilities. To name but a few the Germani are especially forceful and can trust on their readily available soldiers. On the other hand the Gauls are a relatively peaceful people that derive their strength from their formidable defensive abilities as well as their agile cavalry. Finally, the romans spout an advanced civilization and can train elite soldiers that are, while expensive, incredibly potent.

Additionally every player can create a personal Hero that must embark on various adventures and return victorious to further its civilization. Each Hero leads their army into massive battles and benefits from the acquisition of important artifacts. The choice lies between the King, the Governor and the Vicegerent. This so called feudal system aims to further communication between like minded players and makes for an even greater, social experience. Espionage, intrigue and revolution await, what are you waiting for?

Check by the Travian Kingdoms forum right here at Bananatic whenever possible to get all the latest buzz on this fun browser game.