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Thanks for visiting the War2 Glory forum. Here, you can find all kinds of topics of discussion about the exciting RTS game.

War2 Glory is a browser-based real-time strategy game from developers Gamigo. It’s based on World War II style battles, and sees players take charge of a worn-torn empire. You’ll have to build an army from the ground up, take part in large-scale battles, and rise up the ranks to become the ultimate commander.

The game is free to play and features both multiplayer and single player elements. This gives you the choice of going it alone or teaming up with others to conquer the world. Whichever you choose, you’ll need an army capable of such a feat. With over 40 different units available, capable of land, sea, and air combat, you have to build up your forces over time.

Like many RTS games, War2 Glory features a resource gathering element. You’ll have to explore the map and expand the reach of your base in order to secure more steel and food. These elements will in turn feed your army and contribute to construction. However, the enemy will be vying for the same land, so you’ll have to act fast. Whether you face them head-on with your troops or negotiate a peace is up to you.

The game gives you the choice of Commanders-in-Chief, and the one you pick will alter the cutscenes and animations you see. It will also give you certain advantages as you play through the game. If you like military strategy games, this is one that should be on your radar.

As you browse the War2 Glory forum, you’ll be able to find and start conversations about nearly any topic related to the game. Check it out today.