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Welcome to Blade and Soul Forum...

Blade and Soul is a Korean martial arts MMORPG developed by NCSOFT. Development began in January 2012, and the game hit audiences in the West in 2016. Blade and Soul has a huge fan following based on the anime program that aired on Japanese Tv in 2014. Set in a fantasy land with a real world setting, the game allows high-level customization of player avatars. Gamers can choose the facial features, hairstyles and build types, as well as one of four races: the Gon, the Jin, the Kun(Yun), or the Lyn.

The game is set in a fantasy land and features a combination of martial arts and qigong based in an open world setting. The players are allowed to create their characters that must compete in and complete the challenges set to them by various NPC's. Blade and Soul features a "downed mechanism" that enables the players to return from the dead. The game is played in a third-person view and requires players to derive combos of attacks from helping them gain points. Players begin gameplay in a player vs. environment mode and can progress to Player vs. Player mode as they progress in the game.

The forums allow the players to interact with fellow gamers, learn combo techniques and devise new attack methods. The players can also troubleshoot, and suggest updates and changes within the game that the developers can take into account.