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Welcome to the Seafight Forum...

Bigpoint Games’ Seafight is a browser game set on the high seas. It is a free-to-play game with some paid-for features and is based on ship warfare, with players taking on monsters in PvE and each other in PvP battles to obtain gold and treasure. The game is available in more than 30 different language and there were 44 million registered users by late 2013.

A great deal of the action takes place on the open seas. Players can form Guilds to attack and defend Guild Islands and engage in gruesome battles to obtain fame, freedom and wealth whilst aiming to become the most terrifying pirate around. To gain success and cement their legacy, players must challenge the formidable beasts of the sea as well as fearless pirates.

The game consists of all manner of cannons, stations, epic naval battles and harpoons. Players must develop robust strategies and think on their feet in order to meet their targets and thwart all that enters their path. They can forge the alliances they need to make progress and swiftly destroy them as soon as they are no longer required. Alternatively, they can attempt to make progress without assistance and look for allies later. You can even personalise your ship with various features and equipment to support your ambitions.

Why not sign up for the Seafight Forum today to find players, exchange tips and tricks or even make suggestions on how the game could be enhanced in future?