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Welcome to the Dragon's Prophet Forum....

Developed by Taiwanese game developer Runewaker Entertainment, Dragons Prophet is an action-combat based MMORPG published in September 2013. The game developers shut down the game facility in North America in October 2015. With a free to play feature, the game is downloadable and requires no subscription or registration charges.

The game is set in a fantasy land inhabited by dragons, sorcerers and other mystical creatures. The player chooses a character from the available classes and proceeds to battle dragons, explore terrains, fight enemies and other players. The dragons can also be tamed by the players to aid them in combat. Player housing feature is also available in which the players have to purchase and build their house and customise it using in-game add ons.

A total of four different classes are available to the player: Guardian, Sorcerer, Oracle and Ranger. Each of these classes has special powers unique to them which are improved as the game progresses. The game also offers the option of customising the dragons so that the players can take their personal dragons to have as aids in combat or to use as steeds. A Player vs. Player game mode is also available which allows the highest ranked player to take over the role of Commander and control of the player colonies. Players can set up alliances with other communities and players to aid them in battles and establishment.

Ye Dragon's Prophet Forum allows players to form alliances with other players, build teams, discuss battle strategies and figure out tricks to tame the dragons.