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Crush Crush is an idle sim dating role-playing game developed by Sad Panda Studios. The game is available for free play online and can be accessed by any browser on any modern device with access to the internet. Two different versions of the game are hosted on Kongregate and Steam. The game is currently in beta mode.

Set in a sim world, the game follows a real life setting where the players impersonate a male sim character. The players live like they do in the real world, with proper houses, cities and metropolitans full of Sims going about day to day life. The goal of the game is to woo the ladies of the town and make your character appealing to them. To do so, the players have to build up their character statistics by slowly building their sim life from an unemployed citizen living in one room house to a responsible citizen with a well-paying job and respectable house. As the sim progresses in the game, the player can unlock new jobs and get to work impressing the ladies.

The players can ask out the target characters on dates, try to impress them with surprises or keep it simple and charm them with conversation and wit. If everything works out, your sim character gains a date and XP to go.

This Forum of Crush Crush enables players to interact with each other, discuss ideas on how to impress the lady Sims and give suggestions on updates.