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Welcome to the Argo forums. Feel free to use this area to share tips, offer new ideas, make suggestions about further updates and improvements, troubleshoot and more.

Argo is a free-to-play multiplayer first-person tactical shooter video game. Play as a mercenary fighting across various lands and gaining experience to be the best mercenary out there. Upgrade your gear, weapons and more! Be apart of your chosen faction, Clouds or Flames. The game features three competitive game modes, a co-op mode, and a 3D scenario builder, which lets you create your own missions!

Argo was developed and published by Bohemia Interactive. Originally the game was released in November 2016 as part of Bohemia Incubator in the form of the "Project Argo" prototype. Then later in 2017 it was released as, "Argo." The Bohemia Incubator is a label for experimental games that are open to the public early in their development.

Players can use this forum to share tips, make new friends, discuss topics about Argo, and make suggestions about future changes.