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Welcome to the Dragon Ball Online Forum... Feel free to share tips, info, suggestions and opinions here about the Dragon Ball universe.

Developed by NTL and released in South Korea and Japan, Dragon Ball Online was an anime based MMORPG that became available to audiences in 2010 and 2011 respectively. Beta testing of the game was announced in January 2011. However, the game was soon shut down and by 2013, the game was totally unavailable to players.

The events in the game transpire in the Dragon Ball Z universe, 216 years after Goku’s departure from Earth. The players play the role of an unknown character who gets sucked through the time cracks opened by the villain, Mika’s, forces in their attempt to invade Earth in the past. The player makes their way through different eras trying to fix and alter the path until they reach the age 1000. All events transpire on Earth.

The player controls a 2D avatar, viewed from a third-person perspective, in a dynamic game setting. They can explore the landscape, search for Dragon Balls and interact with NPCs and other players. Players train to compete in the Tenkaichi Budokai and aspire to reach the level of legend warriors. As they complete quests and missions, players are rewarded points and money which will help them move up in levels as well as purchase new abilities. The game offers players a chance to travel through time in “Time Machine Quests”, where they can go back and be a part of important Dragon Ball events.

The DBO forums allow players an opportunity to interact with other game players, gain game tips and leave suggestions.