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Thanks for checking out the popular Panzar forum. Here you can find plenty of information and discussions about Panzar, and connect with other players.

Panzar Studio released Panzar back in 2013. It’s a third-person shooting game with a focus on multiplayer elements and a fantasy setting. Impressively, it uses the popular CryEngine 3, meaning it has richly detailed graphics. You can play through a variety of visually stunning environments, each unique and distinct. Terrains such as jungle villages, temple ruins, mountain waterfalls, and ancient castles are all equally impressive.

In Panzar, players can choose between eight different classes. Each of these has a unique approach to gameplay, with their own set of skills and abilities. This is a team based game, so you’ll need to make sure your squad has a wide variety of classes to be balanced. You can play with up to seven other players and battle against an opposing team.

As well as a range of PVP modes, including clan battles, there are also PVE elements. You can play though all of the locations to unlock new equipment, upgrade your character, and improve your skills in the game. Once you’re feeling confident enough, you can take part in the large-scale tournaments and challenge for the best prizes in the game.

Panzar is a highly tactical game, and you’ll have to think quickly to outwit your opponents. It’s also a very social game, meaning you have plenty of opportunities to meet and connect with new players.

On the Panzar forum, you will discover many other players who are passionate about the game. It’s the ideal place to find new team members or rival gamers to establish friendships with. Start exploring today to find out more.