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Welcome to the Heroes Evolved Forum...

Developed and published by R2 Games, Heroes evolved is a free to play combat based 3D MOBA. The game was published in Beta version and is a purchase to play game available on client based needs.

The game is set in a mystical land of sorcerers and magical creatures, where the evil sorcerer king forced humans underground hundreds of years ago. From the oppressed humankind rise heroes that fight for the freedom of the human race. Players are given a variety of characters to choose from, each with their specific set of abilities and combat skills. Weapons and assets are available for the characters and can be purchased as the player advances through the game using points earned from missions.

Players battle each other in a PvP mode or take part in fights defeating monsters and evil forces in the PVE mode. The game also offers a team vs. team mode, with each team comprising of 5 players maximum. Battles take place on designated battlefields that change per fight. Each player is given a customizable name plate, which displays all their accomplishments for the community to see. The shields can be customised and changed according to the choice of the player.

The Heroes Evolved forum enables players to choose their teams, interact with other players, find opponents and make changes to their strategies after taking discussions into consideration.