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Gacha Life is a 2018 title from developer Lunime where players can create and decorate their very own Gacha characters. Those who love anime and manga will find a lot to appreciate about this, and there are hundreds of different variations you can choose from.

The level of customisation in this game is huge. You can change everything from your characters hairstyle, clothing, and accessories to their weapons and environments. Once you’re satisfied with how your Gacha creation looks, you can take them into the Studio to create your very own scenes.

In Gacha Life’s Life mode, you can explore and interact with a detailed world, full of other players and NPCs. There are also mini-games that you can take part in, winning rewards and gems to buy items with. The game gives you up to 20 character slots, meaning you can create a range of vibrant and unique characters.

We created the Gacha Life forum to give you a chance to express your tastes, interests, and ideas about the game.