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Gladiatus - welcome to the Forum for winners!

Are you fascinated by ancient Rome? Do you still remember the shivers you felt after seeing Gladiator? So you're already playing "Gladiatus"? If not - then you should definitely start!
I guess every one of us has dreamed of at least once in our lives about being able to travel in time - "Gladiatus" gives you a chance to fulfill this dream! Thanks to this game you will be able to defeat dangerous opponents in various arenas, fight wild beasts and ... glorify your glory. Remember that even in ancient Rome, you are not alone - you can count on your friends and create a guild with them. With loyal companions, you will even dare to go down to the dungeons. Let the powerful "Morituri te salutant" shout out from your chest!

You will find many practical tips on the game and you will be able to exchange experiences with other players. Thanks to other users you will learn how to bypass the perilous dangers and avoid pitfalls. This will make it easier for you to gain the title of Rome's new hero!

No matter what your level of achievement and commitment to this unique game is - join our Forum family!