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Blood Wars is a 2006 MMORPG from Polish developer BW Team. It’s set in a world where nuclear war has wiped out the majority of civilisation, and a strange virus has left most of the survivors as bloodthirsty vampires. The roleplaying game sees players assume the role of a warrior who has survived the destruction, in the last human city on earth.

As you wander the post-apocalyptic world, you’ll have to have your wits about you. Danger is around every corner, and you’ll need to find ancient artefacts to increase your power. Choose from one of five races, each with their own skills and powers, and progress them to create a character of your own making.

Of course, there’s a strong multiplayer element to Blood Wars. You can fight alongside other warriors or test your skills fighting against them. Here on the Blood Wars forum, you can find other players to team up with or play against. Get stuck in and join the discussion today.