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Welcome to the Dragon Glory forum. Feel free to use this area to share tips, offer new ideas, make suggestions about next updates, troubleshoot and more...

Dragon Glory is a MMORPG game that's set in a fantasy world full of magic, dragons, dungeons, and amazing adventures. Work together with your dragon defeating evil in numerous battles, traveling across continents to change the world. Play in two different dungeon modes, single or team. You can also own multiple pets and mounts, participate in competitions and battle other players in the PvP Arena.

In Dragon's Glory, you can choose what fighters to have by your side, locate, and train dragons! There's also a variety of game modes such as PvE, PvP, team based dungeons, cross-server competitions and more! Play solo or with people all around the world, you can also join a guild and make new friends. Additionally, you can learn the forgotten science of alchemy, which can help you create useful items to use on your journey.

Dragon Glory also contains numerous mini-games and fun events. Goddess Blessing uses wish coins to tell your fortune and get valuable rewards for each fortune reading. Alchemy improves your gold supply by working with your guild members and other players. You can even get married and have a wedding and partake in special couple events

When starting the game you have the option of creating your character and choosing your avatar. You have four options to choose from but be quick you have a limited number of time to choose your character!

To play the game you can use your mouse to point and click at objects. You can talk to NPCs and accept quests. When finishing a quest you get various rewards and XP to level up. As you level up you get new abilities and skills. You will also battle a variety of opponents from monsters to other characters. Dragon Glory also has an Auto-Pathing system if you don’t like to keep clicking to get the character to move.

In addition, Dragon Glory has a heavy focus for multiplayer gameplay. At first you start out solo but as you progress through your journey and meet friends you can start joining guilds and playing PvP. You can join your Guild members in battle and work with them on quests. There are also multiple dungeons to play in and choose from as well. Another benefit in being in a guild is that you can get great reward chests!

Once you reach level 30 you have the ability to get wings! Wings can increase the stats of your character and are upgradable. As you reach level 65 you have new options for wings. If you have enough rubies you can also get some from the game store.Keep in mind that the effects of the different wings can stack on each other. Want a mount? You can get access to mounts, Goblin treasure, and the arena at level 31.

Ready to save the world from the impending darkness? Try playing Dragon’s Glory! Only you and your selected team mates can stop this evil and save the world! The game was developed by TeamTop games and published by 101XP in October 2017.

Check by the Dragon's Glory forum on Bananatic whenever possible to catch all the latest news on this fantasy adventure game!