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Welcome to League of Angels forums

League of Angels is a browser and mobile based MMORPG developed and published by Youzu Interactive. Released to audiences in 2013, the game is free to play but requires money for additional in-game purchases and resources.

The game is a turn-based MMO set in a mystical world where players assume the roles of heroes and fight enemies, battle monsters, save angels and collect gold and diamonds. Players are given a character at the beginning of the game and can unlock and collect as many heroes as they can as the game progresses. Each hero has specific unique characteristics and can be used by the player whenever they want within their battle form. In addition to heroes, players can also collect Angels. Each battle formation can contain one Angel and provide crucial support during battle.

The goal of the game is to defeat as many demons and evil forces as possible until the Great Demon is defeated. Players can play against the environment, fighting a combination of demons, monsters and completing daily challenges and missions to get diamonds and gold as rewards. They can also play against other players in battle arenas, using battle formations and a combination of their heroes and angels to form strategies to defeat each other, Rewards are given to the player with better battle rankings.

The Game Forum of LOA allow players to come up with better battle forms, devise new strategies and interact with other players.