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Welcome to Hero Zero game Forum...

Hero Zero is a based browser games developed and published by Playata GmbH. The game is available to play on various gaming websites and Facebook. It can be accessed from any modern device with an internet connection.

The player assumes the role of the budding hero in this game. The character is portrayed as a weak nerd who takes on the role of the hero, and it is up to the player to turn their characters from a wimp into a strong hero. The game offers a variety of options for the player to customise their hero according to their taste and choice. Once the character customization is complete, the player carries forward their hero through a series of training games to get accustomed to the challenges coming up ahead.

Set in a comic world, the environment is attractive and interactive. The players can choose to partake in missions and challenges with the environment, where their hero will have to battle creature and NPCs generated within the game. Player vs. Player is also available, allowing players to challenge other avatars. The challenges are either time or combat based, where the characters have to either finish the given tasks within allotted time or fight off unlikely enemies.

Players can access ideas on how to make their heroes unique, interact with other players, get tips on how to beat levels and find opponents to play with in PVP mode. Any user of the gaming forums can also suggest changes and point out bugs to the developers.