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Welcome to the Tennis Mania forum...

Become a tennis pro in Tennis Mania! Play in matches to defeat opponents, participate in tournaments and win! Create your own character, improve and advance as a tennis player and become the best tennis player in your story. You can also build a venue, challenge other players and form clubs with your friends.

Learn about tennis as you play. Learn about forehands, backhands, serve and volley and master them. The game lets you play on a variety of courts such as hard courts, clay, and grass. Just like real life! You need to improve your tennis players abilities in order to do well on the court. Tennis Pro lets you train yourself through playing matches, and if your a real tennis nut, you can take quizzes about the world of tennis in order to improve your level! Doing these activities costs energy, so pace yourself. You can also purchase premium currency that speed up the process of improving yourself.

Tennis Mania is easy to pick up and is very addicting, give it a try!