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In Warframe, players are tasked with defeating the Grineer, a formidable force who have sent the system into chaos and are boosted by infinite clone armies. You play as ancient warriors Tenno and use the incredible powers of the Warframes to achieve success and crush the Grineer. The free-to-play game is developed by Digital Extremes. The Tenno consists ancient warriors who have woken up after many centuries of cryosleep and are now at war with a range of factions. The Grineer are human militarised and deteriorated clones. You’ll also be in conflict with the Corpus, a huge global corporation taking advantage of vast technological advancements, the Infested, who have been hit by the Technocyte infection and the Sentients, mechanical being returning to the Tau system. The Tenno use Warframes to utilise their abilities. Warframes are remotely-controlled biomechanical suits.

Players can enjoy PvE and PvP content. There are many missions to choose from, and missions take place on a host of moons and dwarf planets. There are also unlockable missions in a pocket dimension called The Void. New equipment, weapons and Warframes can be purchased or earned. Warframe is one of Steam’s most popular games and has been the subject of a regular updates. It’s said that more than 26 million people have played the game.

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