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ButtersStotch Newby
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Best bow

27.02.2017, 08:52
What's the best bow ingame according to you? I have no idea what should I use :<
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RE: Best bow - 16.05.2017, 03:37
mattyman1212 Newby
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In my opinion, there isnt a 'best bow'. Each bow is better in certain situation due to which type of damage, puncture, impact or slash, it does more of. For puncture, Paris Prime is the best in my opinion. For impact, either Cernos Prime or Rakta Cernos. And for slash, the Dread is by far the best.
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RE: Best bow - 26.05.2017, 10:49
Dudsta44 Newby
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I was going to say something like what <a class="js-link" data-url="">mattyman1212 said, so I don't think there's any point anymore. lol... but personally I stuck with the mk1-paris ever since I started.</a>
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