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Welcome to the Demon Blood Forum. Feel free to use this area to share tips, offer new ideas, make suggestions about further updates and improvements, troubleshoot and more.

Demon Blood kicks you off with a class called Avenger where you must shoot your way across several dungeons, destroying the demons in your path and unlocking several other types.

In Artaria there were two races created by the Gods. One was good, willing to help each other, building homes and living in peace. They were the humans. The other race was brutal, plundering and bringing chaos and waste wherever they went. The humans called them the Demons. The Demons used their dark powers to control every living being on the earth, downgrading them to servants of the Demons. Even in such a desperate state, the humans still hoped to be able to rise up on them. As more and more refugees found the city they started planning for a new uprising.

As the Gods discovered that the balance in their universe had been wrecked, they decided to intervene on behalf of the humans, giving them seeds of incarnation and wisdom. With these gifts, the humans started developing ranged weapons and magic. With these tools, the fire of hope was finally lit again. The resistance was about to begin.

The different classes have a diverse arsenal, such as the Thunder Girl (bow), Terminator (gatling gun), Queen (shotgun), Clown (flamethrower), offering an interesting replay value.

You control your character with the keyboard and your weapon with the mouse, giving gamers more freedom. You can also use some skills that bring extra firepower to the arena. With different game modes including PvP, stunning 3D graphics for a browser-based shooter and wave after wave of demons coming your way (including some huge bosses). Join the resistance and ensure that the Demons do not attain the upper hand!

Demon Blood is a free-to-play browser game. New or veteran resistance fighters can use this forum to share tactics, discuss any gameplay issues, offer suggestions on how the game can be improved and anything else that comes to mind.