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You’ve discovered the River Combat forum, come in and find out about the latest discussions and topics of this popular RTS.

Studio Hoppe is known for their real-time strategy games. Titles such as Mars Battle and Alpha Wars have been incredibly successful. River Combat is a game that’s very much made in this style. It’s a browser-based and massively multiplayer RTS that’s free-to-play. As the name suggests, much of the combat in this game focusses around water-based units.

River Combat follows many of the traditional elements of RTS games. You must farm resources, build up your base, construct units, and expand your territory. However, it also adds many exciting multiplayer elements. The game takes place on a large map that can support many individual players. With such a densely populated space, it’s only a matter of time before you encounter another player. You must choose whether to ally with them or take them on in combat.

The game features many different units and not just water-based ones. Alongside the many ships and boats, you can also construct tanks, helicopters, and more. You’ll need to have a thriving economy if you’re to purchase them all. Resource management is a key part of this game. You’ll need to balance expansion with defence if you’re to survive. Whether you’re an experienced RTS pro or a total beginner, River Combat has a lot to offer. From its varied gameplay and detailed animations to its competitive and collaborative nature, there’s plenty to enjoy.

On the River Combat forum, you can connect with other players who play and enjoy the game. Discuss all kinds of topics and strategies, and find other people to play the game with. Whether a teammate or a rival, you can find them here.