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Thanks for visiting the Kritika forum! Here you can find content for the game that’s relevant to you, whether it’s help and advice or friends to play with.

Kritika Online is a massively multiplayer online brawler featuring hyper-stylized anime graphics. Developer ALLM released the game back in 2017 and continues to add updates and features to this day. The game features superguns, huge weapons, fast-paced acrobatics and more.

Players can create their very own brawler based on a host of bombastic styles. You can then team up with your friends or other players and work as a team to clear the game’s instanced dungeons. These danger zones, as they’re known, are packed full of fearsome monsters. However, the quicker you clear the danger zone, the better loot you get at the end. If you like min-maxing, then this is a title you’re sure to love.

The combat in Kritika Online is fantastic. You’ll have to use a variety of combos as you doge, jump, and fight your way through the dungeons. Although the dynamic and fast-paced action is the main draw of the game, there are plenty of other elements for you to enjoy. The styling of the characters and weapons is simply fantastic, and if you’re a fan of anime, this will definitely appeal.

The game focuses on quick combat, so there are no long loading screens or traveling between locations. You can dive into the action and get started right away. You can play solo or choose PVP and co-op options. Each has their own dynamics, and all are enjoyable.

On the Kritika forum, you can discover other fans of this frenetic game. Share your tactics and find others to team up with for your next match.