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Flower Knight girl is a 2D free to play fantasy MMORPG which was developed and published by a Japanese company and is available worldwide on different webpages accessible from any modern browser. The game is NSFW, but some websites provide a clean version of the game.

The game is set in the world of Spring Garden, the land of Flower Knights and the players assume the role of the leaders of a squadron of flower knights. The land gets attacked by a myriad of pests and it is the players’ duty to defeat the pests, along with their army of knights, and return Spring Garden to its original glory. The game offers he player the option to choose from a vast variety of female characters, each with their respective personality quirks and set of skills. The player gets to make their own team of flower knights, evolve them and equip them with powerful weapons.

The primary order of business once the league is created is to defeat the team of pests released by the Harbringer of Doom by undertaking a series of campaigns. Each campaign costs the player stamina, which can be regained eventually or bought within the game. The campaigns allow the players an opportunity to earn money, or Flower gems, coins and the opportunity to fight bosses and other creatures. Gameplay is mostly automated, due to which the game allows player’s the option of skipping the combat scenes. Players can take part in quests, buy equipment at the game shop and fight NPCs to gain points and Gacha seeds.

The gaming forums allow the more cunning players to interact with one another, gain insight into successful battle strategies, and learn about the characters within the game thus helping them choose their squad wisely.