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Welcome Dons, to the VastWars your backs!

Fed up with your regular boss and feel yourself daydreaming about the life of the criminal underworld? Look no further than this well-written game for developing your own crime lord character into a ruthless, fear-inducing leader. Its range of missions and activities to overcome will deliver the rewards, money and experience you'll need to increase your reputation on the street. Players from various countries feature and it has a healthy, thriving community for sharing tips, tricks - and tales.

The game is text-based and requires to become the Don of your city. Carve the biggest crime ring in your locality and become the world’s most feared criminal. When you start VastWars, you’ll be asked a number of questions to form the nature of your character. You can become an immoral businessman, evil crime lord or corrupt law enforcement officer. It matters that you hit the gym on a regular basis to build up your physical strength and you’ll also need to create a number of buildings with your cash. The buildings will make jobs to give you more cash and you can even purchase clothes in the mall.

Take on other players for money and merchandise and choose between benefiting from low tax rates as a cop, earning modest interest in the bank as a mobster or pay more tax but make more money as a businessman. You can even join a gang to collaborate on crimes with a group and strengthen your chances of survival without - hopefully - being thrown into prison.

Those criminal shoes are waiting for you to fill them and step into the VastWars forum to help the game live beyond the daydream....In such a violent and murky world you'll need a few friends you can trust:)