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Welcome to the forum! Here, you can find out more about this exciting MMO game, as well as read the latest news and meet other gamers to play with. is a massively multiplayer online action game from Matheus Valadares, a Brazilian developer. It’s a browser-based title that’s also available on iOS and Android. The game is set in a petri dish, and players take control of a ‘blob’, a bundle of cells that you must grow. The name comes from the fact that players can grow their blobs by eating agar, as well as other cells. The aim is to create the biggest structure you can, without getting eaten. There are always other blobs looking for a snack, although the bigger they are the slower they move. There are several different game modes available in this game, including a battle royale and free-for-all mode. Each of these brings a new and refreshing challenge, although the premise of growing your cells remains the same. As you’re playing, you’ll encounter viruses. These can be used to split your larger cells, either as a ranged attack or to swallow smaller cells. It’s an entertaining game with a lot to offer, and on the forum, you can learn more about the game and share your experiences with other players.